Light Tractor Work

Cumming Lawn Service is proud to announce we are now offering additional services! We have added light tractor work and more to our ever growing list of services. Just check out the information below and let us know if you have any questions at all!

Light Tractor Work

Our light tractor work is available for both commercial and residential customers. Are you a DIYer in need of a little pre-project help?  With the versatility of the tractor and its attachments, we can handle a variety of projects. 

We can bush hog the property as long as the land is fairly level. Our equipment can’t be climbing mountains and clearing steep embankments. We can clean up that empty lot you’re getting ready to build on. A small pasture or large field that gets overgrown can be maintained without worry. Our light tractor services also allow us to help you prepare for this year’s vegetable garden. The tractor tiller is able to till as little as 2 inches and up to 6-8 inches deep. Tilling the land is also great if adding a flower or plant bed or prepping for sod.


With the handy backhoe attachment, we can dig holes, trenches and repair or redirect drainage issues. We can utilize the backhoe to pipe your down spouts to get water away from the house. This attachment is very handy and can help us to help you with just about any project. 

Cumming Lawn Services light tractor work may be just what you need to get that next project started. 


With our light tractor work services, we can alter problems and create solutions.

Whether you’re a commercial customer, residential or have a small farm; Cumming Lawn Service can get the job done. Contact us for more information or to get a quote!