Why choose us?

Why choose us?


We are reliable. We have been around since 1994. In full time landscape maintenance since 2000.

We keep our promises. You can count on what tell you we will do we will do. Our company stands behind our word. We have not been able to build a great business and be in business since 1994 by cheating and being dishonest.

Our team shows up same day every week. We set our clients up on a schedule a cetain day of the week. That will be your day each week for the season. We send updates pout if the day must change for long term reasons.

25 plus years of knowledge and experience. When I started, I found people who had been in the business for many years. I learned the basics from them to get started. Also, when I started, I stuck to only basic maintenance in the beginning so I could stand behind what I knew. From that point I behind to educate myself. I did not go to school to learn from a book I got out in the field and learned from trial and error. You know, I would be lying if I told you I did not make some very costly mistakes that bit me hard through the years. I walked for hours in nurseries and through areas I could learn about the different grasses that will grow and thrive here in Cumming Georgia. I still keep as many connections as possible in the industry closely related for education and referrals so I can be sure to help our clients have the best experience with their landscape and property as possible.

Why choose us?


We Try…

We keep learning to give you the best information possible. There are many avenues now to increase education. Most of the trade shows now have classes at each of them for continuing education. I try to attend at least one a year if not multiple. There are good people to follow on social media as well to help with plant turf and anything related to these such as disease or fungus etc. This is all continued to help our clients when needed.

We have lots of credible reviews. As you can see if you search much about us we have lost of 5 star reviews. We get these from our efforts to provide the best service and quality in the Cumming Alpharetta Milton Georgia area.


Why else?

Our company have everything under one roof. This team has you covered for all your landscaping needs by making one call. We will sometimes have you contact one of our colleges but we only refer people we have already tested so you don’t have to.

Great communication, early response times. We are known for out great communication and response times. Our wonderful office manager Diana takes care of this in a magnificent way. Our clients rave about her quick response times and communication. When things are changing in our schedule or a special job is coming up we will alert you to let you know so you are prepared for us.

Multiple services offered. Cumming Lawn service is not just maintenance. We offer a full range of landscape services all in one place. Maintenance, small landscape design, hardscape, pine straw, mulch, sod, and plant install.

Provides educational content. We have a variety of educational content throughout our website and YouTube channel.

Long term clients. Our goal is always to provide honest, valuable service at a fair price to insure long term clientele. For example, we have several clients that we have had for over 10 years then many, many, more for over 5.

Why choose us?


You will always receive invoicing on time. From the very beginning of my maintenance career, I have heard complaints of companies not invoicing on time or at all. My response was, WHAT! How do you stay in business by not getting paid. We have stayed with the same billing cycle since we started. We bill on or near the 12th of the month depending on if the 12th is on a weekend. Bill is due on the 1st when the work is completed. This works like clock work each month.

You do not want the cheapest in town. Here is why: When looking for the cheapest there is usually a reason why they are the cheapest. They do not know what they are doing, (do not know their numbers), They do not pay taxes, do not carry insurance, not licensed. It depends on what you want. If you are willing to risk the things above in the event of a freak accident you could hire a cheap company but there is always that risk. The latter is the biggest reason most will be cheaper than Cumming Lawn Service. We are licensed, and fully insured.

We have insurance, back up equipment, multiple crews, etc. Outside of weather we will never say we will be delayed. We will never call and tell you that our mowers broke down, we will not be there this week. Fully equipped to take care of all your landscaping needs and will always show up to do the job.

Why choose us?