$Price Per Cut

This Service is Short Term


Basic service is from $205-$500 per month
Pruning service is from $15-$150 per month
Weed Control in the bed areas $10-$20 per month
These are typical neighborhood homes.

Price per cut (This service is for the purpose to get the customer taken care of quickly and allow us time to get their regular service package estimate to them. On an ongoing basis we don’t offer seasonal or per mow service. However we will offer a one time cut to provide top service to the community if our schedule will allow) Please sign up and pay for the service you wish click the pay now button and fill out the form with your address and contact info and we will be in touch with you to schedule the day we will be out. 

Service includes mowing with a 48” to 52” mower, edging hard services and bed lines, trimming around obstacles, and blowing off curb’s driveways and walkways, we will blow the lawn as well under normal circumstances. If the lawn is over grown we will contact you and discuss extra fees. Bermuda and Zoysia under 3 to 3 ½ inches will be covered at the rates listed Fescue under 5 inches will be covered at the rates listed. Lawns with excess growth customer will be contacted and extra fees will be discussed. If customer can’t be reached and the lawn is over grown a reschedule for service will be necessary. 

If you have a fenced in back yard add $5 for extra trimming. If the gate is small and we can’t get the 48” mower in to the back extra fees could apply. If the property has bigger risk that requires a smaller mower than our average sizes listed above extra fees could apply.

Below are per cut prices for up to 4 cuts while we get your regular service package estimate to you.

0-4000 sqft $65-$80
4000 – 5000 sqft $75-$90
5000-9000 sqft $85-$100
9000-12000 sqft $95-$115
12000-15000 sqft $105-$130

These prices are based on a normal residential or small commercial property. Farm properties or older main roadside properties with extra obstacles or ununiformed areas out of the ordinary will need special pricing. And can not be prices with the above models.

Clean Up Pricing

Cleanups has to be landscape or yard maintenance related. Pruning, underbrush clearing, low limbs cut, regular mowing trimming, edging pruning, etc. You can purchase this time from the site and we can schedule with you to get the work taken care of. Hauling away debris and dump fees aren’t included in these prices.

Spring cleanups without leaves $150 to $350 and up

Spring cleanups with leaves $245 to $550 and up

Fall/end of season cleanups $200 to $1000

Added Pruning $150 to $500 and up

Service Pricing Packages

Service Package Pricing Models Based on our Most popular 40 visit package and Basic service. Basic service includes mowing with our regular size mower 48” to 52”, edging hard surfaces and beds, trimming around obstacles, blowing off the driveway and lawn if there is excess debris, fall and winter leaf blowing, weeding in the plant beds and pruning are options in the Basic Plus and Full service for added fees. These are suggestions of average pricing they aren’t prices that can be purchased like the above cuts can be. The above is just a way for us to help you get your lawn cut quicker. 


0-4000 s ft $165-$255

4000-5000 sq ft $250-$275

5000-9000 sq ft $260-$315

9000-12000 sq ft $300-$345

12000-15000 sq ft $330-$375