Superior Grade Mulch

Cumming Lawn Service offers a wide array of high-quality mulch products that offer good color and moisture retention. These mulch products are suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

Cypress Mulch

  • Made from ground cypress trees from wetlands and swamplands, this mulch is resistant to wet rot and is ideal for high-moisture environments.
  • This mulch is most commonly used in playgrounds/playscapes and shouldn’t be applied in excess of 2″ – 3″ in thickness
  • Provides a suitable barrier to extreme temperature and moisture changes for soil and plant roots
  • Natural bug deterrent

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Dyed Hardwood Mulches

Dyed hardwood mulches give you the ability to safely add colors to your landscaping. Our colored mulches are petsafe, non-toxic and are designed to break down for biodegradability over the span of a year (or more). Compare this mulch to the colored mulch you see bagged at landscape supply store, home improvement stores, or hardware stores and you’ll receive an equal or better product with us and the discount of buying in bulk. Dyed hardwood mulch colors include:

  • Red
  • Brown
  • Black

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Natural Hardwood Much

  • This is our standard hardwood mulch, shredded bark from hardwood trees, without dye
  • Natural hardwood mulch is well suited for sloped areas and areas with erosion concerns
  • Hardwood mulches are also one of the best mulches for plants by breaking down faster to provide needed nutrients

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Pine Mini-Nuggets

  • Not you’re typical mulch – this is made from natural pine bark and provides a more natural/rustic look to your yard
  • Unlike other traditional mulches, this mulch is like pine straw in that it doesn’t compact. This allows water and oxygen to more easily reach the underlying soil
  • This is typically a dark, reddish brown (no dyes)
  • Nuggets are 1” or 2” in diameter
  • Well suited for annual and other plant beds where water retention and weed control provide critical features

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Red Oak Mulch

  • This is a shredded mulch made from red oak bark (double shredded)
  • The dark brown/reddish coloring is natural to the oak bark and isn’t derived from dyes
  • When it comes to retaining water, this is the king of mulch

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Mulch Pricing

Note; There is a minimum of 3 yards

3 to 7 yards $100

8-10 yards $95

11-15 yards $90

16-20 yards $85

20 plus yards $80

Cleanup of beds before mulching pricing starts at $250 for removal of weeds or any existing mulch or straw that may need to be removed or if desired to be removed, plus any hauling away and or dump fee. The rate can also be applied to removing dead shrubs etc. We can add shrubs for $75 to $85 per 3 gallon plants.

  • Haul away & Dump fee – begins at $85

Adding flower beds $75 per flat plus $90 per yard for dirt if needed. The rate quoted above would apply for preparation if needed.


Pine Straw

Cumming Lawn Service is your one-stop source for regular or long needle pine straw and installation. We sell pine straw and provide pine straw installation in Dawson, Forsyth, Hall and North Fulton, Georgia. We also provide clean up services for existing installations of pine straw or mulch to clean out any old material before your new pine straw installation.

Types Of Pine Straw We Sell and Install

Long Needle

Long needle is the king of pine straw. This type of pine straw provides more longevity and yields a higher return on your investment as you can limit the number of installations and touch-ups by this pine straws ability to retain its bright color. The higher resin concentration in the pine needles helps with the color retention and makes this pine straw popular with homeowners and high-end landscapers.

Pine Straw and Installation Pricing

Minimum of 25 installed pine straw bales for both pine straw types.

Long Needle Pine Straw Pricing

25 to 50 bales $10 per bale
51-150 $9.50 per bale
151-300 $8.50
300 plus bales $8