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  • Landscape Tips
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  • An explanation of our pricing and estimation process
  • What happens after you request a quote 

If deciding what to do in your landscape, or trying to figure out where to start on a natural area clean up feels incredibly overwhelming, don’t worry! We’re here to help! Even if you aren’t sure exactly what you want to do with your lawn or outdoor space, we can give you ideas and suggestions from years of experience. If you DO have a good idea of what you want, we’re ready to listen and get an estimate to you quickly. Below you’ll find an overview of install and clean up services we offer

We love designing landscapes, walking the nurseries, and getting our hands dirty installing plants and trees, so we get that you might like that too! If you’d prefer to do the dirty work yourself, we dedicated a whole section on our blog about our favorite tips and tricks! Its chocked full of info from annual flowers to hearty plants, to choosing mulch colors and cutting down a tree! Check them out here, here, and here, or on our blog

Pricing Information:

We totally understand that one of the most important parts of deciding what to do with your lawn is pricing. Below (and across the website) you’ll find pricing for each of our services. You’ll notice they are mostly a ranging of prices – this is because we individualize each job we do, to make sure you get the best experience possible. These are the ranges that most of our jobs fall under. There are exceptions on both the low and high end that depend on where you live, what plants you choose, the size and accessibility of your property, the time of year, market prices etc. etc.… But in most cases, we find that these ranges are a reliable starting point. 


Sod Install Prices 

We broke down sod into the two most popular choices: Bermuda and Zoysia. We break down the both of these choices, pros and cons of each, and what might be best for your lawn here! Within both categories are range of different types of both Bermudagrass and Zoysia. The type of grass you choose within these species of grass will factor into cost. We explain the different types of grass here

We’ve also broken prices down into square footage – if you don’t know the square footage of the area you need sodded, no worries, we can find out quickly and easily. You can also check out our square footage reference guide, that might help you determine what square footage you might need! 



Bermuda is very common in our area. It’s a summer grass, meaning it thrives in the warmer weather, but thins out quickly in high shade. It is the more economic of the two, and fairly easily maintained.


250 sq ft – 2000 sq ft $400-$2500
2000 sq ft – 5000 sq ft  $2500-$5500
5000 sq ft – 10,000 sq ft $5500 – 10,800


Zoysia is softer and fuller than Bermuda, meaning the higher price tag is often worth it. It does however take longer to grow, and much more effort to maintain. 


250 sq ft – 2000 sq $600 – $2950
2000 sq ft – 5000 sq ft $2950-$6575
5000 sq ft – 10,000 sq ft  $6575 – $13,500

Clean Up Prices

“Clean up” can mean a lot of things. Each season, that job label changes. From pruning, to removing mulch, to completely cleaning out a natural area and everything in between, there isn’t a way to give you an honest price here. It just totally depends on what you are looking for. Typically, each season, we see most of our clean ups ranging from $100-$3000. But if it has to do with landscaping or preparing your natural area to be a useable space, we will do our very best to help you accomplish your goals! 


Plant Prices

1-5 1 Gallon plants $25-$225
5-10 1 Gallon plants  $50-$350
10-20 1 Gallon Plants  $150-$580


1-5 3 Gallon Plants


5-10 3 Gallon Plants


10-20 3 Gallon Plants



1-5 7 Gallon Plants  $150-$1420
5-10 7 Gallon Plants $630-$2770
10-20 7 Gallon Plants $1000-$5375


1-5 15 Gallon Plants


5-10 15 Gallon plants


10-20 15 Gallon Plants


Pine Straw 

Minimum 25 bales 

25-50  $9
50-150 $8.50
150-300 $7.50
300+ $7


3 yard minimum

3-7 yards


7 -10 yards


10-15 yards


15-20 yards


20+ yards



Before we start! 

We want you to go into this as educated and prepared as possible! So, give this article a quick read for an in depth explanation of our estimate / scheduling / job process!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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How long does it take to finish a project?

Of course, this will depend on the size of your project. In most situations we run into, we handle the job in a day, maybe two. However, with extensive projects, it might be best to spread it out a bit more.

When Can we get scheduled? / when will my job take place?

We determine when your job will take place based on a few factors. If we know the plants you are wanting to install thrive if we wait until next month, we would put if off. If you are looking for something like mulch and pine straw, the job will be scheduled as early as our schedule allows, which in most cases is typically within a week, maybe two in our busy times. 


Do you come to my area?

The map below shows our general service area. We are more than happy to chat with you if you are located outside of the circle. If we are a good fit together, we are willing to travel a bit more to see you! 

50 50 Sun vs Shade: As I mentioned there are several varieties that can be applied to different scenarios. There is a Tiff Tuff brand name out now that does really well in lower light areas. When its available there is Discovery Bermuda that I’ve used in an area with less than 4 hours of light and it has done well. Also Zeon or Emerald Zoysia will work in lower light areas.

Less than 4 hours of light: I mentioned the Discovery Bermuda above. This has to be very close to the 4-hour range to even consider using. Fescue is your best bet in the low light areas and will give you the best results.

Mostly shade: If there is no sun and even moss growing on the grown then grass will not work in this area. Pine Straw or Mulch and maybe adding some plants would be the best decision in this case.