Trees and Shrubs

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When is the best time to plant trees and shrubs? Bed rennovations? 


At Cumming Lawn Service, we look out for our clients each year and send a reminder that we are now scheduling for winter work. Letting them know its time to add the landscaping they want and letting them know the best time to do it. Whether its December or just before spring hits.



Is it ok to plant a tree or shrub anytime of the year? Of course. With the busy life styles we all keep these days who has time to make sure that even a single 3-gallon plant gets enough water. We need to ensure it gets down deep in the root system let alone several of them or a big tree. One of the most asked questions I get is when is the best time to plant? 


Once we start getting rain in November and temperatures come down here in Cumming Georgia. This is the best time to plant. We recommend planting from November on into spring.  If you really like to have the plant in full bloom or with leaves on the plant (if the plant loses its leaves) then it is ok to plant while the shrub or tree is blooming.


Just keep in mind that watering for just a few minutes with a sprinkler system or water hose want reach deep into the ground. This is the best rooting process. The water will need to reach the bottom of the root ball for best results. A 3-gallon plant is in the ground about 10 to 12 inches. A 15-gallon tree is 12 to 18 inches. The bigger the tree the more slowly the water needs to be applied. This is so it will seep deep into the ground. Now back to when is the best time to plant.

If you take our advice and plant from November to March, your landscape will get those slow but deep rains. Maybe even a snow to allow deep penetration of moisture. Also, it is cool to cold and the moisture want evaporate away. With this plan you newly installed plants can get established and require hardly any watering from you.

If we get rains on into the summer, most plants and trees will be established enough by then to survive. Even if you don’t water them all summer. Keep in mind if you have a sprinkler system and run it for watering plants that a rotary head won’t usually put enough water in one area. This is not enough to sufficiently water a plant. Misters does much better and will need to run longer on newly installed plants in late spring and summer. 


Over all if you plant during the fall and winter you will have much better results to not lose the plant.