Our Install Process

We’re really excited that you’re looking into some landscape work! We know that often times this is a big commitment of both time and money. Because of that, we want to give you as much information as possible up front, so you come into any meetings or decisions fully ready and educated to make the best decision for you and your property. 

The process starts with you and your property, and what you want done. You might know exactly what you want done, or you might just know that you need something done. In either case, we’re ready to help. 

To start, we like to talk with you. You can fill out a contact form here and give us a brief overview of what you’re looking for, and we can call you will some information, and talk it though. Or you can give us a call, and we can discuss there. (770-337-8502)

Our Install Process – In most install or clean up jobs, we like to see your property either in person, or via photos if possible. This will be discussed in our initial phone call, to decide both what you want and what we think it best. In some situations, texting over a few photos can save us both a lot of time, and get an estimate to you very quickly. But often, it’s best for us to come take a look, and/or meet with you if possible! 

Once we have seen your property, we will evaluate what you want done, talk to any vendors (nurseries etc..) to get the best market prices, and send you over an estimate for the job. In each estimate, we include everything: Cost of materials, travel time, labor costs etc. There aren’t any hidden fees when you get the bill – what you see on the estimate will be what’s on your invoice. (the exception to this is for pine straw or mulch jobs – 99 times out of 100, we will be able to accurately measure and decide how many bales you need. Occasionally however, we will be off a few bales. In that case, we might let you know what the actual number of bales needed to complete your job, with a new price, which would typically not be more than $30 extra) 

You will receive an email with your estimate in your inbox. Once you have reviewed the estimate, and we have answered any questions you might have, hopefully you are ready to move forward! In the email we send you’ll see a blue link – this is an interactive link with an option for you to select the service(s) you want, sign, and submit. By submitting, the system lets us know you have accepted, and you will receive an additional email with a credit card form attached. We ask that install jobs are paid by card. Before we can schedule a job, a card is required on file in your account – the form and system we use is 100% secure – and once it is submitted, we don’t have access to the card. We will not run your card until the work is totally complete. 

At this point, it’s time to schedule the job and do the work! Scheduling is often done as an “as-soon-as-possible” basis. The exception to this is when we know a job can be completed better with better results at a later time. For example, planting shrubs and plants in this area is often best in the winter months due to all the rain. So, if you were to come to us in October will a big plant install job, instead of doing it the next weekend of our availability, we would wait until December when your plants will establish better, and when mother nature will do the watering for you! 

Our Install Process – Once your job day is here (yay!), our crew(s) will arrive at your property most likely around 8 am that morning. If it is a smaller job, we might schedule another small job on that day, so it might be closer to 11 am, and still be able to complete the work before 5. Our owner Hal, will most likely start the day with the crews. Otherwise, our crew leaders will see to it that you job is completed well, thoroughly, and on time. After work is completed, we will make sure we have cleaned up and left your looking its best! 

For any reason, if you aren’t happy with the work, or if you have questions, please reach out to us. We are committed to making sure you are happy with the job we do! While it’s rare, we are human, and can make mistakes. When we do, we make sure we get it fixed ASAP! 

Our Install Process – Once all work is done, and it’s clear you are satisfied, we will run your card for the work completed. 

Below we have some links to photos or videos of common jobs being completed, so you can see what the process will look like! 

We can’t wait to hear from you!