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Landscaping Post Rd Cumming Georgia

Cumming Lawn Service is expanding to the Post Rd area of Georgia. Are you looking for Landscaping Post Rd Cumming Georgia? Or  landscaping maintenance? If so, look no further.We are what you need if you are looking for a dependable service that is always on the same day, your bill is always delivered at the same time each month, all the work that you signed up for is being completed on a regular basis. Cumming Lawn Service is the call to make.

Services we offer:

We have a variety of services to choose from. 

Each Package includes our basic service of mowing, string trimming, bi-weekly edging, blowing, fall and winter leaf cleanup


35 Visit Package (Package not offered when property has a high volume of trees)

(Economy package, great if you have little leaf or limb cleanup) The newer neighborhoods in or near Post Rd in Georgia would fit this package great. Most trees are cleared off.

January 1 visit (finish leaf cleanup)

February 1 visit (makes sure property is neat) 

March 1 visit (begin preparation for spring)

April through September weekly visits (mowing string trimming bi-weekly edging blowing)

October 2 visit (mowing lawn as needed and begin fall cleanups)

November 2 visits (fall cleanup)

December 1 visit (fall cleanup)

In this package it is possible for there to be 34 or 36 visits depending on how the 5th weeks fall according to the day of week we service your property. This case scenario will work it out in time.


40 Visit Package

(Most popular package)

January 1 visit (finish leaf cleanup)

February 1 visit (make sure property is neat)

March 1 to 2 visits (If you have very few leaves and need more spring attention we will make 2 visits in March. Begin preparation for spring.

April through November weekly visits (mow, string trim, bi-weekly edging, blowing in grass season, transition over to fall leaf cleanup through November)

December 1 to 2 visits (If you have more trees and need more fall attention we will make 2 visits in December for leaf cleanup. 


45 Visit Package

(Properties with lots of trees, and those who like the property to be much neater in the winter months this package is for you)

January 2 visits (finish leaf cleanup)

February 2 visits (make sure property is neat)

March 3 visits (begin to preparation for spring) visit property the last three weeks of March

April through 3rd week of December weekly visits (mow, string trim, bi-weekly edging, blowing in grass season, transition over to fall leaf cleanup through 3rd week of December)



January: crepe myrtles, roses, ornamental grasses, butterfly bushes, hydrangea (we need to know the variety you have so we don’t mess up blooms for the hydrangea)

Mid-April through Mid-September: Shaped plants are pruned as needed to keep a neat appearance. Some will require more than others. Your estimate will list 4 times of pruning this is an average. Some require 6 to 8 some 2 and some only 1. We will prune from the point of the health of the plant. It isn’t always best for the plant to be kept really tight. The plant needs to flush out and grow at certain times of the year. We will stop pruning mid-September to allow the plant to harden for winter. Once there is a good frost we will touch up where needed. 

Late September through October: we will cut back perennials as they brown.



February: We apply a pre-emergent at a once a year charge to help with the most troublesome summer weeds. If weather has been warm, we will spot treat any winter weeds that has popped up. Please keep in mind the products designed to burn the weed is very slow to work in cold temps. If it is real cold we won’t spray. It is a waste.

March: We will spot treat weeds if temps are warm enough. Pull weeds that are over 3 inches.

April through October: we will spot treat weeds with bi-weekly and pull weeds as they are seen over 3 inches.


Pricing Examples 

Below are the monthly prices and has many factors (prices are in ranges)

The estimate you first received had the number of visits, price per visit, and a yearly price.  The estimate stated that the total of services selected would be billed in 12 monthly installments. Below are the monthly prices based on 12 monthly payments. Pruning and weeding prices are the same with any package.   

45 Visit Package could run from $160 to $350
40 Visit Package could run from $150 to $300
35 Visit Package could run from $145 to $250


Cumming Lawn Service

Complete Landscape Maintenance Program

Compilation of Services Offered for Landscaping Post Rd Cumming Georgia


Our Basic Services 




Prior to mowing we watch for trash and tree limbs or obstructions. Turf will be completely and evenly mown at a height most suitable for the species and sites specific needs. In areas we cannot reach with the lawnmower, we will string trim the turf to the height of adjacent turf. We do not bag grass clippings. Turf grass research shows that by using proper mowers, it is better to return the clippings back to the turf for nutritional replenishment.  This process is called grass cycling and it’s a tremendous help to our environment.



We will edge all concrete borders such as walkways, curbs, and driveways bi-weekly during the growing season with steel blade stick edgers. Bed lines that have an established edge will also be edged during the growing season. Late March –Mid October.

Blowing and Cleanup

All concrete surfaces, driveways, curbs, walkways, patios, and decks will be blown clean of debris from the landscape maintenance process each visit. In the fall we will blow leaves out of plant bed areas, curbs, and driveways into the lawn area to be mulched with the mowers then blown into lawn and back into the bed areas and for natural fertilize. This is our normal process. Leaves will be blown into natural areas where possible otherwise they will be mulched.


Trash Removal

Crews will remove as much of the clippings as possible and use the mulch mowers to mulch plant pruning materials for a natural fertilize and clean up any excess the mower misses from your landscape, We police trash on site (paper, cans, glass) and recycle glass and aluminum.  We utilize your trashcan for non-recyclables and paper. Our crews utilize mulching type lawn mowers to process leaves and pine straw from trees on your site. Fall leaves are to be mulched and then placed into beds or natural areas on your property for composting.


The above services are included in all our packages. 


A Landscape Maintenance Crew consists of a Crew Leader and at least one Landscape Maintenance Technician. You will become familiar with your personnel as we do our best to keep the same people assigned to your property a period of 6 months to 1 year. I encourage interaction with your Route Crew Leader on a routine basis.  Your Account Manager (Hal Pruitt or Ricky Fields) will be able to discuss scheduling, answer technical horticultural questions and pricing for add on services or improvements to your landscape display.

Our Office will be your initial phone contact at Cumming Lawn Service. The Office Bookkeeper will be responsible for billing questions. Scheduling questions, work records and for passing information to appropriate personnel contact your account manager.  If a problem arises that cannot be resolved by any of the personnel listed, contact Hal Pruitt. I will be here to insure our Lawn Maintenance Staff provides timely and professional service each day, each month and each year.