Land clearing with a Skid Steer

Cumming Lawn Service is proud to announce we are now offering additional services! We have added land clearing with a skid steer and more to our ever growing list of services. Just check out the information below and let us know if you have any questions at all!


Are you tired of seeing all that unruly underbrush? Want to add a new playset for the kids? Or do you want to start over with the entire yard?? Whatever your project, we can help! Many people do not have access to heavier machinery to handle these tasks on their own. With that being the case, some of these projects never get done or get done incorrectly. By allowing a professional to take these areas on, you can be assured the job will be done right. 


Nature happens, and with it comes some messy scenarios. Trees fall over or lose major limbs, drainage issues appear, yards get washed away and become mud pits. No one enjoys these headaches (unless you have a pig, of course)! Cumming Lawn Service can help get these issues under control. We can clear out the underbrush and tidy up areas that have been ignored. Create a flat place for sitting areas and firepits. With a Skid Steer, we can create dry beds, swells, and reroute water flow with the grading of the land. 


Who doesn’t love fresh veggies? Using a Skid Steer, we can remove grass and level out an area for an amazing vegetable garden. Let us do the initial work and you can focus on putting that green thumb to use. Old stumps and small trees can be taken out of the ground and new dirt and sod laid so it looks like it never even existed. 

Having the help of a machine like this, we can renovate your entire yard. We can remove all the old grass with the Skid Steer and level out or build up areas and lay new sod and pavers in areas. Why not add some more storage to the property? The area you’re wanting to build that shed on will need to be level. The Skid Steer makes that work easy and painless.


When you are ready to start a project that is too much to handle, call us. Cumming Lawn Service would love the work with you on making your dream a reality. Skid Steer services are charged at an hourly rate. There is a 4-hour minimum at $120 per hour. 

Whether you’re a commercial customer, residential or have a small farm; Cumming Lawn Service can get the job done. Contact us for more information or to get a quote!