HOA Landscaping Bids

Commercial Landscape Maintenance Bids

 & Community Association Bids

As well as residential services, Cumming Lawn Service provides full lawn maintenance for small commercial properties and community associations. We service many churches, industrial parks, neighborhood entrance and amenity areas and even full neighborhoods. Our services include mowing, edging, string trimming, blowing, weed control and pruning. We include this in one monthly service price for your convenience. We install mulch, pine straw, plants and season flowers for additional costs. 

There are many churches here in the south and we happily provide top notch lawn maintenance to these customers. We do maintenance throughout the week so as not to disturb services. We also install many plants for both spring and fall to provide a beautiful splash of color to signs and walkways. 

Do you own or rent a building in an Industrial Park or Shopping Center? Cumming Lawn Service is happy to help keep your property looking neat and professional. As many of these properties have shrubbery, pruning is essential to keep your property neat. Bi-weekly edging is done to maintain clear cut walkways and plant beds. 

We work with many HOAs to keep the neighborhood entrance and amenity areas looking their best. We do weekly service including mowing, string trimming and weeding. During spring and fall, seasonal color is usually added to neighborhood entrance areas to add curb appeal. We remove existing plants and replace them with new seasonally acceptable ones. 

There are small communities whose HOA fees cover lawn maintenance. We happily service these communities within Cumming. Cumming Lawn Service can attend to the entrance, amenity areas, and each homes property. We base this on the average size lot, total number of shrubs and trees being pruned and liner foot of edging. We feel like having one company servicing the entire community has many advantages. One being that every house will look clean and tidy at the same time. Another, billing for the homeowners is made easy as it’s part of their normal homeowner’s association fees. 

Cumming Lawn Service is dedicated to quality work that exceeds your expectations. If you have a commercial property in need of service, we’d be happy to help.


Whether you’re a commercial customer, residential or have a small farm; Cumming Lawn Service can get the job done. Contact us for more information or to get a quote!