Commercial Landscaping Services

Looking for small/light commercial landscaping services in the Cumming, GA area? Look no further than Cumming Lawn Service.

Base Service Package

We offer a 12 month that includes our base lawn care / landscaping services including: weekly mowing, trimming, blowing, biweekly edging, bi-weekly weeding and pruning shrubs at least two to three times a season.

Add-On Services

We offer standalone/one-off services that can utilized as needed or integrated into the annual landscaping service contract. These services include:

  • Pruning
  • Leaf cleanup
  • Pine Straw Installation
  • Mulch Installation
  • One time cleanups
  • Spring Cleanups
  • Lawn Aerating and Re-seeding during the fall only September, early October.
  • Aeration- Bermuda/Zoysia

Cumming Lawn Services vs. Full Landscape Services

If you review our service offerings above, you will notice that we offer a wide variety of services that will meet most needs – but we don’t do everything that those mega-sized landscaping companies do. This has been done to allow us to offer a wide range of services in a cost-effective pricing model for small/light commerical landscaping needs. While we compete with larger landscaping service providers, our experience has been that the size of our business operations and the crews that we operate allows us to be more nimble and offer a better pricing model to our customers.