IT’S TIME FOR Winter Flowerbed UPGRADES!!


We are so excited here at Cumming Lawn Service each year when it is time to send this email! We have wound down the grind of battling rain, heat, discoloring lawns, and leaf cleanups, and now its time to work on new looks, cleanups, plant and tree additions. 


That being said we are letting you know about our November and December schedule. 


If you are wanting to add to your landscape such as planting shrubs or trees this is the best time to do so the winter rain will do all the watering for you. This is also a great time to discuss bed renovations. If we can just renew the pruning we can schedule this for spring or we can totally renovate your beds. Follow link for video, pics, and learning about this service Bed Renovations and Planting


If there is any areas you need clean-up done now is the time. Bees and snakes are not active, and the poison ivy is going dormant. See link One Of Our Recent Clean-Ups


Our schedule books quickly from this email so let us know ASAP. If you would like to give away any of our services for Christmas this would be a great time to do that as well. We could do plantings or leaf cleanups for a family member so their property looks nice for Christmas. Or hey, a year long basic service package for mowing would be a great gift for a parent or grand parent. We are booking these services for Late November and and all of December now. Looking forward to helping you keep your landscape beautiful for years to come! To learn more about our maintenance packages follow link Lawn Maintenance Services


We can also offer pine straw and mulch installations once the leaves are down. Pine Straw and Mulch


This email got great response from you all last year to which we greatly appreciate. So this year we are extending this offer into next spring. 


P.S. Remember we book fast for these winter flowerbed upgrade services, so follow a link below to reserve your spot now! 







We Are Here To Serve You in All Your Landscape Maintenance Needs!



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