Shocking Commercial Lawn Care Issues

After much observation and discussion about commercial landscape maintenance, these are some things we have learned. People are choosing costs over quality, and regretting it. 

We have discovered a lot of unhappy consumers in the commercial landscape market. They tell us that the grass doesn’t get cut properly and bushes aren’t properly pruned. Unfortunately, shrubs are not being pruned properly and causing overgrowth. Weeds are not sprayed or pulled consistently, just mainly a lot of areas missed due to one main factor; man hours. This isn’t anything new, we job cost by man hours as well. This is how the industry job cost and tracks their labor. However, if the job isn’t done correctly, we feel this is a disservice to the client. 

How we are different…

Our approach at Cumming Lawn Service is to bid your commercial property as best as possible based on many factors. We will then track our labor after we have done the job that you are looking for, a job done right, and look at repricing later if needed. We want to maintain our costs and profits, but also make sure your service is exactly what we promised you; excellent service. 

Our main goal at Cumming Lawn Service is to keep our promises to our clients. We don’t want to be on a blog about Shocking Commercial Lawn Care Issues. We genuinely strive to keep our cost down but we don’t try to give the extreme low price of some of our competitors to win your business. To do that we would have to cut corners to make our margin but fail to give you the work we promised. That is cheating you, the customer and homeowner out of your hard-earned money. 

What you need to know…

We feel that each consumer reading this and who have hired a commercial landscape company will see that what I’m saying is true. Your property is your biggest investment. Let Cumming Lawn Service help you enjoy that investment with a beautiful and clean kept landscape. 

At Cumming Lawn Service, we base on pricing on a number of things. We measure out the square footage of the turf, total square foot of the property for blowing, linear foot for edging and pruning based on number and size of shrubs. Shrub pruning is done with motorized shears. Some pruning can be done by hand if requested for an additional charge. That pricing would be discussed at the time of service. We hope you learned a lot about Shocking Commercial Lawn Care Issues.