We would like to tell you about our options for patios and seating areas. There are so many options to choose from to build your patio or seating area such as pavers, gravel, or rock. Below are some pics of what we offer along with a couple of our jobs. We can discuss all options available during our meeting.

The difference in a patio and a sitting area would be a patio is connected to the house in some way where a sitting area would be out in the yard away from the house. Like in a natural area where there is shade or around a fire pit etc.

Our normal practice would be to schedule a meeting with you to walk the area and decide what would be a best fit for your property, your desires, and your budget. With Hardscapes the budget is a big factor. Once we come up with a plan, we would take measurements and get some general information and bring it back to our office and get you an estimate together, Once the estimate is accepted, we will let you know our schedule and plan the work from there.


There is one pallet of flagstone shown below. We can make your sitting area or patio out of flagstone as well. This will give you a more natural look. Flagstone can be more slippery when wet but it will have that natural look if you are planning to add this patio or sitting area next to a wooded area or even in a wood area on your property.

Planning the spot for your patio or seating area would take planning. We need to look at the water runoff, the space you want to add your patio or sitting area, do we need to dig out soil or haul in soil. To make your patio or sitting area level, last, we need to make sure that the proper base is installed and compacted correctly. All these will play a factor in the longevity of your hardscape.