Turn your natural area into a gorgeous gathering space! Here’s How:  


Do you have property that you aren’t able to utilize? Do you have an area on your lot that you wonder what it looks like, or wonder what it could look like? Is there a wooded area on your property that has a lot of undergrowth? 

DIY Gathering Space

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, we’re here to help! At Cumming Lawn Service, we offer winter and early spring natural area clean-ups, so that you can get your yard exactly how you want it! 

Is there a right and wrong time to clean up your natural areas? Not necessarily, but the winter and early spring time means slim chance of snakes, and no yellow jackets and hornets getting in the way of competing the job.  

By cleaning all of the undergrowth, you’ll be able to see the property you have, meaning you can create whatever you can dream up in that space. For example, you can build patios or beautiful firepits to have friends gather. You can create a walking trail with mulch, rock, or gravel. There is also opportunity to sporadically spread shade plant color to the natural area to brighten up your property. Or, you could just simply clean it up and have us at Cumming Lawn Service come in once or twice a year and keep this area knocked down. 

If you did decide you needed a clean-up, this is what the process would look like: 

First, we would have someone evaluate the space you are wanting cleaned up, to decide the best course of action. You’ll receive an estimate from us shortly after the evaluation with an explanation with a breakdown of pricing and explanation of what we’re going to provide. 

After work is agreed on, we can schedule and begin work for your DIY Gathering Space.

We would have a group of guys come in with machetes, trimmers, and brush cutters – depending on what is needed- and get everything cut down to ground level. If it is possible to mulch any of the small saplings or weeds, we’ll save money and time, and allow the debris to break back down into the ground to allow natural fertilizer for the trees.  

Once everything is down to ground level, the crew will begin removing what cannot be mulched out of the area. When we can see the area we have, we can schedule another meeting, and discuss the protentional of what we can do with the space! Weather you want to add plants, or just keep it cleaned up, Cumming lawn service is here to keep your property valued high, and beautiful all year long!