Ground Coverage Services – Mulch and Pine Straw

Cumming Lawn Service provides complete mulch and pine straw ground coverage services for residential and light commercial properties. We or sometimes our supplier will install

Mulch Service

Cumming Lawn Service offers a variety of mulch grades and colors from Southern Landscape Supply, including brown, black, red, or pine colored mini nuggets. Installation is tier priced per cubic yard, based on the volume needed:

  • Note; There is a minimum of 3 yards3 to 7 yards $100

    8-10 yards $95

    11-15 yards $90

    16-20 yards $85

    20 plus yards $80

    Cleanup of beds $150 per hour (3 man crew) for removal of any existing mulch or straw needs to be removed. 1 hour minimum, plus and hauling away and dump fee. The hourly rate can also be applied to removing dead shrubs etc. We can add shrubs for $45 per 3 gallon plants.

Pricing includes mulch and installation labor for standard installations. Minimum purchase is 3 cubic yards.

Pine Straw Service

In addition to mulch ground coverage, we also offer pine straw and pine straw installation services. The re is no minimum and pricing is tiered, based on the number of bales needed:

  • Minimum of 25 installed pine straw bales for both pine straw types.

    Long Needle Pine Straw Pricing

    25 to 50 bales $10 per bale
    51-150 $9.50 per bale
    151-300 $8.50
    300 plus bales $8

Pricing includes fresh pine straw and installation.