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Here you will find testimonials from just a few of our customers. We gladly provide lawn care references upon request and all of our testimonials are from real clients with signed releases on file that we can provide upon request as well.


Professional Lawn Care

We have been with Cumming Lawn Service for ten years and all throughout they have provided professional lawn care. I recommned them often.

K. Westray

Oct 15, 2013

Complete Lawn / Shrub Care

My doctor advised me to cease yardwork. For the past two months, Cumming Lawn Service has been maintaining my lawn and it looks totally professional. I could not be more satisfied. Dependability is second only to their perfection in maintaining our two acre property.

L. Brehm

Oct 19, 2013

My Lawn Looks Like a Golf Course

I know I wanted a lawn that looked like a golf course, but there was no way to accomplish that without the work of Cumming Lawn Service. My mother referred me to Hal Pruit so I knew what to expect - he also takes care of the lawn at my office. I highly recommend that you give their lawn care service a try.

C. Burks

Oct 15, 2013

Low Cost, High Quality Lawn Care

We have been a customer of Cumming Lawn Services for eight years. Hal and his crew have kept both our lawn and landscaping consistently in outstanding appearance, which certainly reflects their pride in their work. We can strongly recommend them to do an excellent landscaping job for you.

E Ribolin

Oct 19, 2013

Best HOA Lawn Care

Prior to transitioning our lawn care to Cumming Lawn Service, I spent hour following up to get the other company to do what they promised. I was also paying two and a half times more than I am today. Cumming Lawn Service has been our provider for over five years and without a doubt offers an incredible value proposition. They arrive on schedule, they do what they promise and are pro-active in our lawn care needs. It doesn't get any better than Cumming Lawn Service for all your lawn care services!! Oh, and did I mention they are friendly!!

C. Fulginiti

Oct 21, 2013

Great Lawn Care

What a treat! Hal Pruit and his guys at Cumming Lawn Service have been taking care of our yard for years and they do an excellent job - so nice to always have a manicured lawn!

H. Pendley

Oct 24, 2013

Landscaping and Lawn Mowing

We bought a foreclosure that had been empty for a year. The amazing neighbors took it upon themselves to mow and trim when absolutely necessary. You can imagine that it never got watered or fed and, although they did a good job, Cumming Lawn Service came in and transformed our yard in less than three months. With good honest advice from they helped us "green it up" and they put their professional equipment to work and now it stands out as one of the nicest properties in Lake Astoria. Thanks Cumming Lawn Service!

J. Cain

Oct 23, 2013

The Affordable Price

The one main reason we have stayed with Cumming Lawn Service is because of the owner - Hal Pruit. He is a king, honest and hard working man. If we ever have a question, he's there to answer it within 24 hours or less. When we first arrived here in Georgia nine years ago, we went through three other lawn care companies. Not one of them did the job that Hal Pruit provides. We hope he never retires!

K. Russell

Oct 23, 2013

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