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Pine Straw

Cumming Lawn Service is your one-stop source for regular or long needle pine straw and installation. We sell pine straw and provide pine straw installation in Dawson, Forsyth, Hall and North Fulton, Georgia. We also provide clean up services for existing installations of pine straw or mulch to clean out any old material before your new pine straw installation.

Types Of Pine Straw We Sell and Install

Slash Pine straw

Slash pine comes from the Elliottii pine tree (Pinus elliottii) and is commonly called “Georgia Red” due to its reddish-brown tint. Slash pine is named after the "slashes" (swampy ground overgrown with trees and bushes) where the pine tress grow - typically southern Georgia and on into Florida. This type of pine straw is typically used in areas where large coverage is needed such as golf courses and is common among nurseries, garden centers / home improvement stores, and landscapers. This pine straw is more economical than the long needle pine straw we provide, but doesn't have the longevity than its longer needle counterpart. Beware when dealing with other pine straw dealers where slash straw is sold as long needle straw. 

Long Needle

Long needle is the king of pine straw. This type of pine straw provides more longevity and yields a higher return on your investment as you can limit the number of installations and touch-ups by this pine straws ability to retain its bright color. The higher resin concentration in the pine needles helps with the color retention and makes this pine straw popular with homeowners and high-end landscapers. 

Pine Straw and Installation Pricing

Minimum of 25 installed pine straw bales for both pine straw types.

Regular/Slash Pine Straw Pricing

  • 25 to 50 bales: $6 per bale - installed
  • 50 or more bales: $5.50 per bale - installed

Long Needle Pine Straw Pricing

  • 25 to 50 bales: $7 per bale - installed
  • 50 or more bales: $6.50 per bale - installed
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