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Winter Lawn Care picture

Winter Lawn Care

Winter Lawn Care

The first sign of snow on the ground and everyone gets ready for the holidays. The lawn you see every morning is the last thing on your mind in the cold season. The mower is put away and relaxation time is here. What most people do not realize is lawns needs year round care. Here are some ways to keep your lawn healthy this winter.

Fertilization for Revitalization

In the late fall and early winter is the best time to fertilize cool season grasses. Since most lawns in North America have a mixture or are completely these types. Bermuda and Blue Grass are two such examples of this. It is important to fertilize before the first frost on the grass appears. In doing so, the fertilizer will replace all of the nutrients your lawn will lose this winter. Once the fertilizer has been placed the grass will retain its nutrients rather than lose.

As spring rolls around the brown dried up grass expect will been green and lush.

Mowing Before Winter

Towards the end of summer cutting the grass shorter slowly will help into winter. The grass will have a harder time adjusting to the climate if it is cut short all at once.

Leaving the grass too long is bad as well. Rodents and insects will be looking for a warm place to stay. Grass is the perfect burrough for them. Rodents can destroy spots by leaving patches of dead grass on the lawn.

Keep the grass as short as possible towards the end of the season. This also helps with the crucial time when new grass can grow.

Prepare Early and Keeping the Lawn Clean

There several key things to do in fall to ease your lawn into winter:

  • Aerate, fertilize, and mow the lawn before the first frost
  • Rake any and all leaves from the lawn to avoid wet and spots on the lawn
  • Keep the lawn clear of misceallous objects as they can shape the lawn and it will become distorted and discolored 

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