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Weather and Lawn Care picture

Weather and Lawn Care

Weather and Lawn Care

Weather was taking a turn for obscure in 2015-2016 in the United States. It became especially noticeable in the winter of 2015. New Mexico received snow instead of humidity. In Georgia, it was hot and humid. At night there was a sense of summer in the air. The cause of this phenomenon is El Nino. El Nino refers to the changes in temperature attributed to the Pacific Ocean. The water is warmer than normal since it is near the equator. In turn, this causes a change in the jet stream which propels an anomalous amount of moisture across the southern United States corresponding to the hot and wetter weather we have been getting.

You may be wondering what does have El Nino have to do with lawn service? That answer is simple. Lawn Service directly attributes to the weather and the season. If it is raining your obviously not going to water your grass. If it is sunny you might want to plant some flowers.

The more rain and snow accumulate the faster the chemicals that keeps weeds at bay begin to breakdown. Grass will become withered and brown and riddled with weeds. Green grass is healthy grass. Winter is only one obstacle in lawn care. As spring rolls around there will be a better chance of weeds from all the rain. This also affects lawn mowers if they cannot cut the grass because it is too wet.

At Cumming Lawn Service, we know how to deal with weeds and prepare for winter.


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