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Watering Care

Watering Care

Water as any homeowner should know is essential for a lawn to grow. What you might not know is how long and often you should water the grass. Keeping sprinklers running all night can be hazardous to your grasses health and cause diseases as well as fungus. Lightly watering a lawn can cause the roots of grass to shrivel and have a harder time in the summer heat.

Have you ever seen water on the grass in the morning? That is Mother Nature providing the lawn with water every morning. However, sometimes this small amount is not enough for lawns. If your grass needs watering, you should wait until the grass is a muted green and footprints remain on the lawn.

Types of Watering Methods

There are different types of watering systems to use for watering lawns. Sprinklers are the most common methods of watering a lawn but they may be expensive and hard to install. Here are some other ways to water a lawn while saving time and money:

  • Portable Sprinklers- Offers a variety of coverage area based on the shape of your lawn and can be moved around as needed. Portable sprinklers are cost effective and can be built from common products at a home improvement store.
  • Oscillating Sprinklers- The favorite sprinkler of children in summer everywhere. This sprinkler is placed on the ground and waters the grass around it in a fan motion.
  • Rotary and impact sprinklers- These sprinklers cover a large or medium circular area on lawns.
  • Irrigation System- This is the sprinkler system that requires digging in the ground and setting up the sprinklers underground. Irrigation systems are time controlled for an automatically water your lawn. Irrigation systems are perfect for homeowners who travel all the time and do not get a chance to water the lawn. Irrigations systems are usually expensive and take a while to install.

Times to Water

Watering for longer periods of time and intermittently will keep your grass from being dehydrated and overwatered. The best time to water is in the morning from 6-10 AM. The worst time to water is from 11 AM- 3PM as it is the hottest part of the day. In the morning, there is less wind and the soil will not be as hot allowing the lawn to dry. As previously stated, watering at night can be hazardous for your lawns health but an alternative to those with a busy morning is to water at night from 4-7 PM.


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