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Spring Lawn Care picture

Spring Lawn Care

Spring Lawn Care

Spring is Here…

As you emerge from a three-month hibernation from winter, spring is upon us again. You can finally see green underneath all the snow and ice. Spring is a critical time to take care of your lawn and energize it after a cold winter. The plants are just beginning to grow, the soil is still moist, and weather can be unusual during the spring months.

By accomplishing a few small tasks, your lawn will stay green and pristine. The following some tips for going about lawn care in the spring.


Spring Cleaning Done Easy

It is good to cut as much ff the dormant grass off of Bermuda as possible over a few visits. Once this is done, a good core aeration will help get oxygen to the roots. If there are multiple years of drought, it is good to de-thatch. Regular rains and aeration will keep your Bermuda lawn healthy. 

Zoysia can just be topped once or de-thatched every few years and taken down as much as the strong roots will let you. Also followed by an aeration. 

With Fescue, most of its prepping is done in the fall. So in the spring, mowing regularly will get you of to a good start. Just remember fescue is a tall turf type grass. Should not be mowed under 2 1/2 to 3 inches. We keep most of our fescue lawns 3 to 4 inches depending on sun vs shaded areas.

Also, under the services page, I want to make some changes based on some circumstances I've came across. 



Whenever we think of weeds, we think of little green pests that just will not be contained. These nuisances can be stopped. Weeds are much easier to stop in spring than in summer. A pre-emergent herbicide will do the trick. The first application should be applied in the early spring. The second application should be during summer.


Grass Types

There are two different types of grass: grass that grows better in cooler seasons and grass that grows better in warmer seasons. Depending on which type you have, it should be fertilized and planted differently.

Below are the two different grass types:

  • Cool-season grasses grow in spring and fall. The summer months are hard for cool-season grass and spring care is essential for it to survive summer. These grasses include: Rye, Kentucky Bluegrass, and Fescue.
  • Warm-season grasses thrive in spring and summer but can go dormant quickly in the winter. It requires less maintenance in the spring but needs extra attention in winter. These grasses include: Centipede, Bermuda, St. Augustine, and Zoysia.


Fertilizing Grass

Each grass has a certain way and time to fertilize it:

  • Warm-season grasses: In late spring after green grass starts sprouting, start fertilizing so the grass will be healthy. This takes place normally in April or May.
  • Cool-season grasses: As much as you think cooler grass needs fertilizer to help grow in spring, the opposite is actually true. Fertilizing cool-season grasses in spring will leave it vulnerable to the summer heat.


Planting with Warm and Cool Grasses in Spring

Seasoned gardeners know the peak to plant in the year is spring. What most do not know is gardeners must choose between planting and refilling bare lawns spots or controlling weeds. Pre-emergent herbicides avert all flowers or seeds from growing. As the herbicide works for all of spring the planting season will be missed.

If your lawn has bare spots or you are instituting a new lawn, there are certain times to plant the new grass seeds:

  • Warm-Season Grass: Late spring is the time to plant new seeds after all the snow and frost have gone.
  • Cool-Season Grass: As soon as the temperature is into the sixty’s in spring you can begin planting the grass seeds. Spring should be used to keep up bare spots. Fall is perfect time for planting new grass. Be primed to keep the lawn watered in summer as it can die easily.  


Other Tasks to Consider

  • Mowing- As soon as the grass blades start growing, it is time to mow. When you do mow, be sure to cut it just enough where it can still grow.
  • Watering-  Watering is probably one of the biggest things to do year-round. Spring is not a diehard watering time but it is still important. As soon as your grass starts growing, only water it a little bit at a time.
  • Aeration- Aeration is important for any lawn. The prime time to aerate is during your lawn’s growing season. For warm-season grass, spring and summer are perfect times to aerate. For cool-season grass, fall is a good time to aerate, it can be done if in spring if the soil is in bad shape.
  • Pest Control: During spring is a good time to eradicate any leftover insects from winter.


Services for the Every Season

If you are looking for a lawn service that takes of your lawn all year round, look no further. Cumming Lawn Service is servicing the Cumming, GA and North Alpharetta area. We offer different services for different property types.

Residential Properties with 12-month service agreements:
  • Lawn Mowing: This service provides you with weekly lawn mowing, trimming around fences, shrubs, walkways, edging the walkways and beds biweekly, cleaning up excess with blowers. Pruning is offered at an additional charge.
  • Lawn Mowing Plus: This service provides you with weekly lawn mowing, trimming around fences, shrubs, walkways, edging the walkways and beds biweekly, cleaning up excess with blowers. Pruning or weeding is offered with an additional charge.
  • Full Lawn Mowing Service: This service includes weekly mowing, trimming, blowing, biweekly edging, bi-weekly weeding. Pruning shrubs at least two to three times a season.

The following service is included for one-time customers:

  • Leaf cleanup. Note: This service is included for one time customers during slow times of the year and also with all the maintenances services. 
Commercial Properties 

Do you own a small to medium size commercial property? Are you looking for commercial landscaping services in the Cumming, GA and North Alpharetta area? Look no further than Cumming Lawn Service.

Our full service package for the commercial property

We offer a 12 month service that includes: weekly mowing, trimming, blowing, biweekly edging, bi-weekly weeding. Leaf cleanup in the fall.  Pruning shrubs at least two to three times a season.

Add-On Services

We offer standalone/one-off services that can utilized as needed or integrated into the annual landscaping service contract. These services include:

  • Pine Straw Installation
  • Mulch Installation
  • One time cleanups
  • Spring Cleanups
  • Lawn Aerating and Re-seeding during the fall only September, early October.
  • Aeration- Bermuda/Zoysia








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