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Got Leaves? To rake or not to rake... picture

Got Leaves? To rake or not to rake...

Got Leaves? To rake or not to rake...

We get this question all of the time. Few people take joy in raking leaves and it is awfully tempting to just leave them and hope the wind blows them away...

The bottom line is that leaving the leaves on your lawn can damage your lawn and the leaves should definitely be raked. Failing to rake the leaves (or otherwise get them off your lawn) can result in fungus from trapped moisture or dead grass from a lack of sunlight.

Now, let us add that a light covering of leaves won't likely be an issue, but a thick covering presents a serious issue. Fungus and diseased can easily breed underneath the leaves and are one of the most damaging types of lawn problems and the hardest to get rid of. It is far cheaper and easier to get rid of the leaves than let them damage your lawn with fungus or mold.

There are several ways to rid yourself of leaves:

  • Rake and bag them
  • Mulch them into a finer covering that will biodegrade into a suitable soil fertilizer
  • Have them extracted by a lawn care professional (hint: Cumming Lawn Service)

If you rake and bag them yourself, please consider putting them in biodegradable bags if disposing of them in a landfill. Also note, some soil companies like Southern Landscape Supply or Hendrick Soils will take the leaves to make soil additives or compost.

If you let Cumming Lawn Service handle this dastardly deed for you, we will whisk away those pesky leaves for you and you will never see them again (note: we leave the tree(s), so there is no guarantee that new leaves won't return to take their place). most of our customers use two leaf removals - one before Thanksgiving and the other before Christmas.

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