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Dollar Spot picture

Dollar Spot

Dollar Spot

Dollar spots appear on both warm and cool season grass. Dollar spots are caused by the fungal pathogen Sclerotinia homoeocarpa on the grass and appear like small circular patches. The circles are usually 3-4 inches in diameter and are a different color than the rest of the lawn. More often than not, the patches will eventually merge and create larger patches. The easiest way to distinguish dollar spot from regular brown patches are the leaf blades. Dollar spot blades are going to have a bleached center with a red band around the grass. Alternatively, cobwebs will appear on dollar spot infected grass in the morning.


Favorable Conditions

Cool and season grasses can be affected by dollar spot. Dollar spot can occur from spring through fall. It grows more consistently when the temperature is between 64-85 degrees. High humidity from constant rain will keep the grass moist and create an environment perfect for dollar spot. The most important factor will be if the lawn has insufficient nitrogen. A lack of nitrogen will have the biggest whether or not dollar spot will grow and if it how fast it spreads.


How to control and prevent Dollar Spot

There are ways to control and prevent dollar spot. Increasing and watching the nitrogen levels of the grass can avert dollar spot and other lawn diseases. Increasing the air movement on the grass stops pathogens from settling on the lawn. Removing excess dew on the grass can aid when trying to reduce risk factors for lawn diseases. Removing the dew will also allow for the application of fungicides early in the day. The fungicide is what is going to treat the dollar spot and eliminate it.


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