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DIY Lawn Care

DIY Lawn Care

Things to Know about your Lawn & Landscape

Bermuda lawns require scheduled maintenance to stay healthy. Most Bermuda lawns have a turf type sod and will become thick with damaging thatch. Thatch in Bermuda is usually thought of as a build-up of grass clippings. This is not actually the case. Thatch is the layer of roots which spread across the surface of the ground. It can become very thick if not de thatched and cause your lawn to thin or die in spots. De-thatching periodically can help your Bermuda lawn keep a lush neat appearance.

Weed Control and fertilization is very important to keep your Bermuda or Fescue lawn thick. We've have seen in as little as two to three years a lawn be totally taken over with weeds. Pre-emergents are a must to keep the most troublesome weeds out of your lawn.

Fescue lawns need to be re-seeded each year in the fall. Fescue is a cool season grass and can't handle the heat of the summers in Georgia. Fescue lawns will also get a fungus called brown patch. This looks like small to large circular areas where the lawn just turns brown. This can be prevented with fungicide treatments.

Weekly mowing is one of the best remedies for weed control. Weekly mowing not only prevents a build of clippings which can cause thatch build up as we discussed earlier but it can also help keep down certain weeds. 

Yearly aerating for Bermuda lawns can help keep thatch from building up. It also helps with getting oxygen to the roots. Aerating with over seeding on your Fescue lawn will replenish the grass lost from fungus and summer heat.  

Pine Straw and Mulch can help keep weeds down when installed on a regular basis. This also helps keep moisture for the shrubs and trees.

Pruning is important for appearance obviously but to keep shrubs cut away from the house will help prevent bugs from getting onto and in your house. Tree limbs near or touching the house gives squirrels a way into your house as well.


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