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A customer looked us up online and saw what we can do and called immediately. She stated her grass was dead and brown. Her sidewalk was misplaced where it meets the step and was overgrown with sod. The sod on her lawn was also dead and needed to be replaced. Lastly, there was a sink hole about 6-8 feet deep and needed to be filled in. The customer expressed her fears about the sinkhole. We told her it was no problem and we would come and take a look at everything.

Phase One

After we filled in the sinkhole and put down sodWe were not daunted by the needs of the customer one bit. First, we wanted to tackle all of the major issues. The first easy fix was putting sod on her grass to make it healthy again. We discovered her grass had become brown and dead from a tree blocking the sun’s rays on the lawn. We put some sod on her grass to make it green and lush again. The most important to take care of was the sinkhole forming in her front yard. Sinkholes themselves can become dangerous. If the sinkhole is small, it is easier to take care of and can be filled in. The larger they grow, the more difficult it is to fill. We used pine straw to fill in the sinkhole.

Phase Two

Taken after sidewalk was fixedThe second phase was a rather simple one. We took out her sidewalk step in front of the stairs and fixed to its correct position. The customer was so pleased with our work she wanted us to post her review as a blog. It was a pleasure working with her and we look forward to seeing her again.

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