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Customer Review #2 picture

Customer Review #2

Customer Review #2

We got a call last week about a customer in need of lawn maintenance. They wanted their front lawn resodded, new grass planted in the backyard, an old walkway rebuilt on the right side of the lawn, and an alternative drainage area created for water. We at Cumming Lawn Service were more than happy to help their lawn reach its potential.

Front Yard

The front yard was already in decent shape besides the sod that needed to be layed. We added sod around the base of the trees in the front yard and we increased the amount of sod near the front door as well. It gave the front lawn a more exuberant look, and will set up nicely as we go through the spring.






Right Side of Lawn

There was once a walkway on the side of the house, but time warped it into a series of scattered stones. We came in and broke up the stones that were left over and placed them in the sod to create a beautiful and usable space. It is no longer the eye sore of the property. We also planted new grass to cover all the bare spots, giving it an overall healthy look and feel.







Left Side of Lawn

Like the right side of the lawn, the sod was nonexistent, so we added sod on the left side and planted some grass to fill it in. We also trimmed the shrubs next to the house to look uniform with the rest of the lawn. As with the right side of the lawn, particular attention was paid to providing a cosmetic balance to the visual appeal of the property.








The backyard was in dire shape and was in need of rejuvenation. The sod was completely depleted, as well as the walkway that leads to the back door from the right side of the house. There was hardly any grass in the backyard and they needed an alternate route for the gutter pipe drainage. The first thing we did was insert a hose over the gutter allowing water to drain underground. In doing this, the water will drain away from the house, creating a more secure foundation and giving the plants water at the same time. The second part was to lay down sod for the plant bed. Lastly, as with the right side of the house, we fixed the walkway to fit better with the new lawn.


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