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A great summer lawn starts in the spring picture

A great summer lawn starts in the spring

A great summer lawn starts in the spring

Spring is almost upon us and if you haven't yet begun to take care of your lawn, time is of the essence. When grass lays dormant during the winter, it's not dead, it’s simply hibernating to reserve energy for the burst of life Spring brings forth. So, help it out by doing these simple and cost effective measures:

  1. Clean up those leaves, tree limbs and bushes! Better yet, let Cumming Lawn Service take care of this for you! We're the experts in taking care of all those leaves that are choking out the air your grass needs to breathe and fostering mold growth. We will blow all the leaves off your grass and take extra special care not to tear up the grass, flower beds, and mulch so it’ll be ready for the next application as mentioned below. We’ll also cut back overgrown tree limbs and bushes so everything looks tidy and neat. Your grass is your showcase and we take pride in our work so it reflects back onto your property values.
  2. The first fertilization in April or May is key in "waking up" your grass. Use the wrong one at the wrong time and you could damage your grass! Cumming Lawn Service will advise you of what treatments need to be used such as controlling weeds and seeding.  Before trimmings, we will work with your schedule so not to disturb any application.
  3. Be sure to take care of fleas, mosquitoes, ticks, spiders and ants that may live in your grass, flower beds and trees. Springtime is when these little critters come out in full force, so treat this as soon as the weather warms up in late spring early summer.
  4. If you need to aerate, only do this in the summer after two or three mows and the grass is in full growth mode. Doing this too soon will damage your grass and inhibit the growth.

As always, if you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us directly. Happy Spring!!

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