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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with the best lawn care services at the best possible prices. We personalize our services in order to make your lawn look great and offer many service options to meet your specific needs and requirements in your lawn mowing service. 

Our Story

Our owner, Hal Pruit, grew up on a farm and is a native to Cumming, GA. Hal started a full time lawn service in 2000 and it has always been a passion of his to keep pastures up, lawns in neat appearance and maintaining landscapes of some kind for most of his life. Hal has started lawns from scratch, prepared the ground and laid sod to improve the appearance of properties of some of our customers. I started with a friend's property and in the last 13 years it has grown to now maintaining 72 properties a week.  As we continue to grow I plan to continue to offer top quality services and the personal touch we have provided since beginning this adventure. I would love the opportunity to start making your lawn and landscape look superb.

Our Value and Commitment to You

We understand that this economy is rough and it is rough on a lot of people. Your money doesn't come easily and you're not looking to part with it easily. When you look for products and services, cost and value are at the forefront of your consideration. Unfortunately, many people don't want to work hard for their earnings anymore. They expect superior pay for sub-par performance and this is just as true of lawn care service providers as it is with any other company. They will gladly take your money and butcher your lawn in an effort to be done with your property and onto the next one ASAP. We're appalled at the tactics of these companies that claim to provide a "value" to you and, in turn, can damage your lawn and ultimately cost you more in the long run.

As you can see from our website, we're old school. We take a more nostalgic look at how services are supposed to be provided, back when quality meant something. Remember those days? Today they say you have to pay a "premium" to receive quality. Well, quite frankly, we find that unacceptable. Money is too hard to come by to waste it on someone that won't treat your lawn they same way that they would treat their own - or better.

Our Pledge

We pledge to provide the same care and considerations in the care of your lawn that we would (and do) with our own. Every time we visit your property, we will be prompt, courteous, considerate, and provide the highest value that you can obtain from any lawn care company.


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